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Why advertise with RPR?

  • The Real Presence Radio Network reaches approximately 2.5 million people. 
  • You have the flexibility to advertise in specific local stations or the entire RPR listening area.
  • Package prices available to fit every budget.
  • Your advertising reaches listeners at home, in their car or through the RPR mobile app.
  • Our dedicated listeners are loyal to businesses that advertise with RPR.
  • Advertising with RPR helps to support a great mission.

To start advertising with RPR, contact your local Listener Relationship Coordinator:

Cody Klamm

Listener Relationship Coordinator 

Local Area: Southeastern & Northern Minnesota

[email protected]
Phone: 701-960-0229

Ed Lee

Listener Relationship Coordinator

Local Area: Rapid City, SD and Gillette, WY

[email protected]
Phone: 605-390-0470




Open Position

Listener Relationship Coordinator 

Local Area: South Dakota


Karen Selensky

Listener Relationship Coordinator

Local Area: Western North Dakota

[email protected]
Phone: 701-318-5467

Blake Ritteman

Listener Relationship Coordinator 

Local Area: Eastern North Dakota, Western Minnesota

[email protected]
Phone: 701-960-0453

Sebastian O’Donnell

Business Office/Underwriting Assistant

[email protected]
Phone: 877-795-0122

Real Presence Radio adheres to non-profit industry standards determined by the FCC.